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Seki's Cycles - A Family Affair
We are a family run business who takes a lot of pride in making sure the products we put out are the best your hard earned money can buy.  We have a passion for this and we want to share that passion with you. We look forward to seeing you in the very near future.

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Seki’s Cycles: Finest RETÜL Fitting in San Diego

Best High-Performance Holistic Bicycle Shop In San Diego

Seki’s Cycles is the most complete experience available, we will fit you on your bike via Certified RETÜL fitters, we have UBI master mechanics, DT Swiss certified wheel builders, suspension mechanics to maintain every millimeter on your bikes. We have US Cycling certified coaches who can train you for performance, or just health and fitness. We have a passion for this and we want to share that passion with you.

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Our Services Include:


Coaching/Fitness Training

Maintenance & Service

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Dynamic Fits Are The Most Accurate

RETÜL is the most advanced motion capture technology available for perspective cyclists. The most realistic picture of the cyclist can only be obtained if they are performing like they would be out on the road or trail. RETÜL records the cyclists pedal stroke and body position in real time over three planes giving the fitter less then a millimeter of accuracy.

What does it all mean?  Less hotspots, absence of pain after the fit, improved overall comfort, most importantly improved performance and wattage output. We fit the bike to suit your biomechanics because that’s the way it should be.

Fitness Program

Seki’s Cycles Fitness Program is anchored by the owner and Coach Enrico Cecala. Our Program focuses on the athlete’s goals, the dynamic motions associated with the workout movements, and building from a strong foundation up. Our train of thought has proven to prevent injury, increase power and increase strength.

We run our program to be the most dynamic, unique program ever experienced, because we focus on building strong foundational skills first before moving forward.

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